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“Those who tell the stories rule society.” ― Plato

Multi Platform Training


Very little content produced today exists only on one platform and the ‘tent pole’ project be it TV, Film, Book or Radio often has several ‘satellite’ services that either perform a marketing function and/or increase user engagement in your story worlds. Producers or developers of story or service based media need to understand how to create for multiple platforms and be aware of the exciting, creative possibilities delivering across devices and channels. 

Standard multi platform is where individual services can stand-alone by themselves but are branded by the story, more advanced multi platform, often called ‘transmedia’ is where users feel like they are surrounded and more immersed as the story is delivered on different platforms and channels but are cross-connected. A final key component to truly successful multi platform projects is user centric design – motivating the users to contribute, to collaborate and be social and ultimately to keep coming back to your projects or help shape future ones. 

This multi platform training covers everything from hands on, behind the scenes, nut and bolts through to highly creative project and story development all with an eye on realistic implementation and keeping within budgets and realistic goals. 


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Tutor and Course Designer

gary_seriousGary is an award winning multi-platform producer, author, speaker, educator and Director. He was recently Exec Producer and Mng of Product Development at ABC TV Multi Platform responsible for delivering new editorial formats against ABC TV shows including dual screen, social TV and mobile. He founded the global training group in 2010 (previously founding innovation lab LAMP in 2005) growing innovative multi-platform, transmedia productions and is CEO of Multi Platform company creating branded & story based multi platform, augmented reality and virtual worlds for major brands. 

Gary was Senior Development Producer and Manager at the BBC in UK for 8 years – delivering interactive Social TV, broadband internet and emerging platforms to millions of UK users. After 2 years in the US as interactive producer Gary then became the founding director in Australia of the Innovation Training Unit ‘LAMP’ via AFTRS between 2005-10. A Distinguished Talent permanent resident & citizen in Australia he also runs a top ten AdAge Power150 Media & Marketing blog in Australia. Gary designed & lectured on full time multi platform content courses at MetroScreen and AFTRS , has been an International Interactive Emmy juror, adjudicates on several multi-platform funding initiatives and authored several publications on multi platform production and strategy.

Some Testimonials

“He is in short “ahead of his time” and continues to be a thought leader in the multi-discipline areas of digital interactive media.” Brian Seth Hurst, Opp Management Company

“He is an engaging and exceptionally well-prepared lecturer and a world leader in his profession as a transmedia and multiplatform producer and his sound guidance and tuition has fostered emerging young talent.” Bethany Bruce, Metroscreen

“Gary’s classes were always a ”must get to” for me. His patience and tolerance are worthy of a medal! and a great wit adds to the fun.” Susan Schmidt, Professional Writer

“Gary is an innovator, strategist, artist and visionary and I have no doubt he would inspire many through his exceptionally insightful writings and teachings.” Jason Romney, Head of Innovation, Telstra

“Gary was not only a great teacher, organised, efficient and passionate, he was more importantly a great inspiration. His multi platform knowledge and overall creative abilities are extraordinary.” Carolyn Mee

“Gary is an outstanding strategist for cross-platform entertainment with exceptional experience.” Kelly Chapman, Multi Platform Producer

“He helped expand our minds beyond the here and now to also prepare for future developments. The course was practical, intense, inspirational, and unforgettable.” Luci Temple, Independent Film Producer



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