Multi Platform Strategy & Campaign

The Course

mp_strategyYou are a linear producer, writer or marketeer and want to use transmedia techniques to attract and/or grow audiences. Most multi platform projects begin with a primary or main platform and this is usually linear, TV, film, book or radio show. Often the web, mobile, game or other platforms are used to promote and draw audiences to this main property and this is where a solid understanding of the field along with a clear strategy is critical. This two day course goes from introducing successful case studies through to designing a multi platform campaign around your own property or a given brief. 

What you will learn

  • The principles of good multi platform, user centric design
  • How to research and reach your multi platform audience
  • What are the most appropriate platforms for your type of property, product or service
  • How to clearly document a strategy and business plan
  • How to write an implementation plan and tech spec

Course Content

  • Introduction to the Multi Platform universe and best practise 
  • The importance of user research, focus and other ‘reach’ testing methodologies
  • Designing experiences using transmedia techniques and game mechanics
  • Strategic design and multi platform bible documentation
  • From Story world through to technical specification
  • Exercises in brief responses, pitching and presenting campaign ideas


  • LOCATION:  Playto Training Centre, Sydney NSW 2008
  • DATE/S: Please enquire
  • TIMES:   9.30am to 5pm
  • TUTOR:   Gary Hayes
  • FEE:    Registration $1050 Early Bird $920
  • STUDENTS:    Max 12