LinkedIn For Financial Services

The Course

The most valuable part of building a business for financial services are clients that suggest him or her to THEIR clients and colleagues. Word of mouth is a powerful recommendation and referral system – and LinkedIn is THE most powerful word of mouth social network for businesses.
This course will show you how to utilize properly the core features of LinkedIn for professional work, for recruitment, for Business to Business Referral and to show expertise, leadership and connections. Learn about

What you will learn

  • Discover new clients and leverage current connections
  • Expand your LinkedIn networks globally thus opening up opportunities on an international scale.
  • Show a professional first impression and make it count: etiquette, personal and corporate profiles in LinkedIn
  • Use the community features to gain referrals and contacts
  • Build your reputation as a knowledge leader, accounting troubleshooter and/or experienced consultant
  • Automate LinkedIn activities to save time and yet provide relevant content and responses.

Course Content

  • Professional Profile – Have I done it right? How do I: Write an update? Add someone? Delete someone? Does it look professional?
  • Groups – What is the connection between Promotion vs Engagement, What is the Etiquette & how do I not be blamed for spamming, how do I find the right group?
  • Business Pages – What does a Company Page look like? Why have a company Page? How do I get people to follow the page?
  • Advanced Search – how do I find the people buying my product? How do I find purchasing managers for my product and services in Melbourne, Seoul, London? What connection do they have with me?
  • Ads & Sponsored Posts – What sort of things could I advertise? How effective are LinkedIn Ads? How do I set an ad up and measure it?
  • Premium Accts/Personal Plus – do I need it? What do I get? Should I bother with paying?
  • Recommendations – What use are they? How do I get them? Are they spam?How do I show and hide recommendations?
  • Adding Apps – what apps should I add to my LinkedIn page, how do they compare with Facebook apps?
  • What statistics and Analytics are important? What tools should I use?
  • Strategy and Tools- How do I integrate LinkediN with my other social media, with my dashboards and measurement tools?ot Do


  • LOCATION:   Sydney CBD
  • DATE/S: Please enquire
  • TIMES:   2 day – 9:30am to 5pm
  • TUTOR:   Laurel Papworth
  • FEE: Registration $1050 Early Bird $920
  • STUDENTS:    Max 10