Twitter for Business

The Course Twitter is an excellent business tool for companies and organisations if you set the channel up correctly, and connect with the right key influencers and communities of interest (customers etc.) Twitter also has a variety of analytics and social media measurement tools, and combining these with the right content and voice will increase… Continue reading Twitter for Business

Facebook for Business

The Course Do you have a Facebook Page but want more Likes and Engagement? This course will take you through 25 key activities to build subscribers, followers and likes/shares/comments increasing your Facebook Optimisation and customer engagement. What you will learn Create a Facebook Business Page optimised for Edgerank Develop a Conversation Diary with Engagement KPIs… Continue reading Facebook for Business

9 Steps of a Social Media Strategy

“The measure of a man is what he does with power.” ― Plato The Course Before you build a social media campaign, you need a strategy. This section takes the student through all nine steps of building a Strategy including: Purpose and Values and determining why and what customers will follow on social media sites, Influencer and… Continue reading 9 Steps of a Social Media Strategy

5 Steps of a Social Media Campaign

“Those who tell the stories rule society.” – Plato The Course You have a Facebook Page full of updates or Twitter tweets and are now looking for ways to build an engaged community through social media campaigns. These 5 clear steps take you into activities and viral spiked discussions on social media with clients and… Continue reading 5 Steps of a Social Media Campaign