Multi Platform Technology 101

The Course

mp_techAs a creative producer, director or writer you have not been exposed to much of the production technologies across multi platform, but feel you need to be aware of the potential for current and future projects. Although you are unlikely to be involved in any hands-on technical development you need to know some of the key possibilities but also the budget and resource implications of choosing to develop a multi platform service that may include three or more interconnected builds across a multitude of devices. As a developer already in one field you are thinking about cross-skilling and may be looking at higher level roles such as Technical Evangelist.

What you will learn

  • How to become a Technical Evangelist
  • Understanding available open and proprietary technology and backend / front end systems
  • How to use production management and authoring tools
  • How to write a technical specification

Course Content

  • The Multi Platform Technology Universe
  • Backend and Front End Tech
  • Distribution Channels and Front End Devices
  • Development Tools across web, mobile, game, AR, virtual worlds and more
  • Management Tools across Real Time Services
  • APIs and Existing Web Services


  • LOCATION:  Playto Training Centre, Sydney NSW 2008
  • DATE/S: Please enquire
  • TIMES:   9.30am to 5pm
  • TUTOR:   Gary Hayes
  • FEE:    Registration $550 Early Bird $495
  • STUDENTS:    Max 16